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Precise rotary table

Rotary table is widely used in Industry and military. It plays critical role in semi-physical simulation and testing in spaceflight field as well as in the research and development of aircraft. Rotary table can simulate various attitude angle motions of aircraft reproduce all kinds of dynamic characteristics of movement time. Conduct repeated test for the performance of aircraft guiding system. Controlling system as well as corresponding device. Meanwhile. Rotary table is also the laboratory equipment that is commonly used in electromechanical lab. Which is of signify meaning for improving scientific and technological level of laboratory.

Our company has more than ten years of experience in rotary table development and production. With abundant experience in both electric rotary table and hydraulic rotary table. In recent years. The company has produced a large number of high precision single axial. Double axial and triaxial rotary tables for research institute.


Main technical parameter

1.      Positional accuracy:1.5

2.      Positional repeatability accuracy:±1.5

3.      Positional control resolution:0.0001°

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