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Industrial vacuum sweeper

Industrial vacuum sweeper is mainly used in the fields of steel works, petro-chemistry, power plant, cement and mine plant, etc. Industrial vacuum sweeper developed by our company is characterized by high integration level, low cost and strong maneuverability. Meanwhile, the production has dual-function dust removal and pollution discharge. Its high dust removal efficiency results from the design of five drives system. Gas cleanliness it exhaust can reach 99% above. The product adopts parallel connected drive system. With classis engine as its power source, and each system(run, dust absorption, hydraulic pressure) can work independently, Technical parameter.


Technical parameter

1.      Dead weight:11229Kg

2.      Gross weight:15050Kg

3.      Rated load:3600Kg

4.      Overall dimension:8600*2500*3130mm

5.      Volume:4m3

6.      Maximum vacuum degree:-700mmHg

7.      Pipe inner diameter:φ100mm

8.      Maximum horizontal absorption range:100m

9.      The highest(deepest)absorption range:60m

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