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Coal slag conveying system for coal fired boiler

Coal slag conveying system is an integrated technology, which involves fluid mechanics, material science, automation technology, manufacturing technology and other fields. It is a new and high technology project with high efficiency, less occupied area, and no pollution. It is widely used in thermal power generation, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries.

It’s a kind of modern logistics system which is suitable for bulk material transportation. It will replace the traditional mechanical transmission with a strong advantage.

Coal slag conveying system has the following characteristics: the full enclosed type pipe conveying system, with no twice pollution, and occupying small area, the energy saving is high, and it is convenient for the transportation and recycling of materials.

According to working principle, coal slag conveying system can be divided into two types:

(1)   Positive pressure pneumatic conveying system. Due to the pressure of compressed air in the pipeline is higher than atmospheric pressure; the material in the pipeline is transported directionally.

(2)   Negative pressure conveying system. The negative pressure fan in the pipeline makes the negative pressure to suck the materials and air together into the pipeline. It realizes the directional transportation by the low pressure air stream.

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