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Aluminum Alloy In-furnace Repair Scaffold

Advanced technology――Import the Germany and the United Kingdom advanced technology, design according to the national standard, such as DIN4422DIN4420and so on.

Timesaving――Saving 36 hours than general platform in one installation.

Labor saving――Light-weight, the weight of aluminum alloy scaffold is 1/3 of general steel tube scaffold.

Unique solution――For circulating fluid bed boiler, our company has special design solution, that can satisfy the needing of all-round scaffold.


The Main Features of Aluminum Alloy Scaffold

The main components are folding units, the unit weight is nomorethan14kg, and after folding the width is not exceeding 0.36M, so that can easy enter the boiler through the person door. All the parts are connected by the quick hook. The hook is firm and reliable with the self-lock function. The total installation doesn’t need any tools, just with your hands, so that realizes the quick installation and demolition.

Its material selects high strength aluminum alloy type 6082T6. Tensile Strength is 290MPa, and yield strength is 265MPa. Tensile Strength of welded junction is 47KN, with the features including light weight, high strength, and high bearing capacity.

All components are produced by same standard with strong combination and good interchangeability. One scaffold can be used in several areas, including furnace inner repair, maintenance, and the high maintenance outside of the furnace.

CFB boiler repair scaffold can repair and maintain platen super heater, reheater , and all the castable parts inside the boiler. Its structure characteristics include crossing screen, packaging screen, and building the maintenance platform between two screens. It can maintenance all inside parts of the boiler while synchronizing.

The all-round scaffold installation only needs 8 ~ 12 hours, demolition only needs 2-4 hours.

All parts are made of special alloy materials, with high strength, high security, high reliability, and so on. Import the Germany and the United Kingdom advanced welding technology. The scaffold is in high strength, and equipped with special fastening device, significantly overcome the traditional unsafe hidden danger.

The high strength aluminum alloy is corrosion-free, without subsequent maintenance work, and can be reused multiple times; the product service life is up to 15 years.

Various programmes can be designed according to the user's specific requirements, satisfy the technical requirements of customers.
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