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Dry slag system

Dry slag is in the closed operating tunnel, to completely dry extraction, air cooling, conveying and mechanical handling of bottom ash from the boiler.  

The main technical parameters of the product (taking 300MW boiler as an example)

1. Boiler normal slag value : 3-4.5T/h

2. Maximum boiler slag value : 10T/h

3. Ash density: 0.76T/m3

4. Temperature of the boiler ash slag outlet: 800

5. Boiler throat pressure:  -70Mmw.g

6. Capacity value of system design: 30T/h

7. Track running speed: 0.4-6m/min

8. Ash temperature of the dust outlet of track: 100

Maximum cooling air quantity in the system:  1,000,000 cubic meters/h
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