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Portable Boiler Furnace Maintenance Platform

Portable Boiler Furnace Maintenance Platform is an effective and multifunctional equipment, which is suitable for the quick repair of local area in the boiler furnace.

The machine is composed of a lifting machine, a wire rope, an electric control system, a safety device and a quick loading and maintenance platform. The main access platform to achieve quick run along the wall under a monolithic furnace in the furnace interior, overhaul the furnace in order to achieve the purpose of the local area.


Product features

Using three-dimensional software design fast-loading platform, after the coefficient input, the data is automatic generated.

The use of electric motor, effectively overcome the overload current, and extend the service life of the motor.

Selection hoist lifting device as the device, hoist model series, depending on the starting  weight and choose different types of hoist.

The human intervention in emergency situations is realizes by using the manual release function.

Setting an upper limit position limit switch, to achieve increased limit for each lifting point, to ensure safety.

Selection of custom wire rope, wire rope tensile strength of 2070MPa, the safety factor up to 9 times.

Cabinet with a single point and multi-point lifting boost function, and can achieve fast switching between the two functions.

Centrifugal safety lock, realize safety protection under the condition of broken rope and stall.

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