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Nanjing Chenguang Group Co.,Ltd (NCGC) is a large comprehensive machinery manufacturing group corporation subordinated to China Aerospace Science and Industry corporation. It is evaluated National First Class Enterprise and one of hundred best enterprises in machinery field in China. It has been honored excellent enterprise for the ideological and political work and awarded civilization unit etc by Jiangsu provincial government and Nanjing municipality.

NCGC originally was known as Jinling Machinery Manufacturing Bureau set up by Li Hongzhang, one of the primary ministers in Qing Dynasty during the westernization movement in 1865. NCGC has been specialized in research, development and production of military products in many years and development of electromechanical equipment products. It has made significant contribution to build up national defense construction. Nanjing Chenguang Machinery Manufacture was appointed one of 100 leading enterprises in modern corporated system in 1996 and then was reformed to a state-own corporation, Nanjing Chenguang Group Co.,Ltd (NCGC). In 2001, Aerosun Corporation was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully with the quality assets of special-purpose vehicles and various kinds of metal hoses. Nanjing Chenguang Service Industry Company has established after adjustment of enterprise structure. Three companies (chenguang group, listed company and service industry company) have shaped tripartite confrontation and development together.

NCGC has the right to self-manage imports and exports. Our company has R&D center, information center, technological institute, measuring center and marketing network. There are branches of Electric Assistive Device Company, Aerospace Servo Technology Company, Aerospace Special Equipment Company, Aerospace Engineering Machinery Plant, and the Oil & Gas Pipeline Division. The main business contains boiler furnace inspection platform and auxiliary series products, dry-type slag extractor, aluminum alloy in-furnace repair scaffold, flexible metal tube, expansion joint, RTP pipe, intelligent control integrated system and so on. NCGC is one of the largest production and research bases for research and production of flexible metal hose and bellow expansion joints in China.

The “Three Force” brand of NCGC is one of the famous brands in Jiangsu province. It has won the honor for its work in the areas of national significant technology equipment and engineering research many times.
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